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May I Have A Drink of Water?

Water-Droplet.jpgWhen you turn on the tap to brush your teeth, what do you want? We want: 

  • Freedom from want of clean water.
  • Freedom from harm without clean water.
  • Freedom from fear of being without clean water.
  • And freedom to meet our individual needs and fulfill our individual dreams because we have plenty of clean water. 

The Ohio Sustainable Business Council invites you to celebrate National Caring Citizenship Day, which begins National Constitution Week (Sept 17 - 23), by attending a roundtable discussion on Clean Water in Ohio, Thursday, September 18, at noon, at Duket Architecture Firm.

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If I Had a Song

human_rights.jpegBy the Rev. John Paddock, Rector, Christ Episcopal Church, Dayton, OH

I was asked the other day, “What is a Christian response to shootings in places like Ferguson, MO, and Beavercreek, OH?” Folk are rallying and fundraising to support the police officers involved while others are doing the same for the victims. The media and internet are filled with folk taking sides and making venomous attacks on people representing different points of view. It’s hard to avoid.

I personally have strong feelings about circumstances like these, since I am the father of six adopted African American children. I know that racism permeates the systems and powers of this world and prejudice infects us all in many conscious and unconscious ways. It’s also true that police have a difficult job at best, and they fear for their lives as they go into fluid and potentially threatening situations. It also seems to me that all people of good will would like to see our society become more fair and just for everyone.

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The Power of Mental Pictures

By Britt Peterson first published in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Around about 2005, you couldn’t shake a stick in Washington without hitting a political consultant who was focus-grouping your stick-shaking metaphor to see whether it provided better "framing" than his opponent’s. The inspiration for the framing craze, George Lakoff’s book Don’t Think of an Elephant!, argued that the Democrats lost in 2004 because they ignored the importance of frames: subconscious structures that determine why people vote the way they do, and that can be activated through abstract linguistic triggers like "family values" or "death tax." Lakoff, a Berkeley professor of cognitive linguistics, became a sought-after consultant in his own right, advising everyone from John Kerry to the U.S. Senate to local unions.

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Prayer for Building a Caring Society

HRLogoTextCMYK_0.jpgWritten by Rabbi Michael Lerner

Our Father and Mother energies in the cosmos, the rock of Israel and our salvation,

Bless all the peoples of the Middle East with peace, security, environment sanity, and a sense of being genuinely cared for by the world and by the God/dess of all flesh, however they conceive of this God or Goddess, whatever names or language they give to the ultimate source of love and meaning in the universe

In this hour of occupation, violence, and pain, we reaffirm the humanity and decency of all the people on our planet, and our ability to see the humanity and God-presence in the Palestinian people, the Israeli people, and all people on the planet. We understand that each of the many sides of the conflicts tearing our world apart today have their own legitimacy, but we also know that violence cannot be the path to a peaceful and safe world. We may be outraged at the behavior of privateers and their enabling accomplices inside governments, political parties, or groups acting in hurtful ways, but we will not accept any attempt to generalize that righteous indignation into generalities about all people of a certain nation, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other such grouping. 

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Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood

244363_s.jpgAt church this past Sunday Karen Francis and I reflected on the remarkably different kind of care that she and her new friend, Josh Cluxton, received when they broke their necks, i.e. C1, Josh and C2, Karen. Karen’s care, funded by Workers Comp at Ohio State University Medical Center, Dodd Hall, included in patient rehab for 4 weeks and at-home nursing care and rehab for two more months, followed by 4 months of outpatient rehab. Josh has received nothing close to this kind of treatment - - and his pain management has been negligible. Karen, on the other hand, received carefully monitored pain management throughout the 9 months of recovery. 

We conclude that because the legal healthcare metaphor is that it’s a “product” versus a “human right,” Josh is being denied the high level of care Karen received, BECAUSE - - Josh has no insurance and can’t pay for that kind of care. 

In anticipation of Independence Day, Karen and I also joined our congregation and sang “America the Beautiful,” a vision of an abundant landscape occupied by a compassionate people. I love this vision:

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain,for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

So, how do we achieve this vision of compassion and human dignity, where we treat each other like Josh treats total strangers? Josh's injury, if you remember, was sustained during a heroic act to save the life of a stranger on a TN interstate. Josh is a nurse, who is now worried about being able to continue his calling. As a nurse, he more than likely took the Nightengale Pledge, similar to the doctor's Hippocratic Oath. Here's the last phrase:

With loyalty will I aid the physician in his work, and as a missioner of health, I will dedicate myself to devoted service for human welfare.

When Josh stopped to help that accident victim, he was acting on his oath. Josh was paying it forward - "crowning thy good with brotherhood." How do we Americans create the ideal caring citizenship experience, where such heroism is an everyday occurrence and freedom from fear of healthcare denial is abundant?

How do the Josh Cluxtons of America (and they are legion, despite the Affordable Care Act) get the kind of care that Karen and I get? We believe we have to change the legal metaphor of our healthcare from a “product” to a “human right.”

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Book Review of Agnotology by Proctor and Schiebinger

Joe Brewer, founder and director, Cognitive Policy Works is the change strategist consultant to the Empathy Surplus Project. A portion of every dollar contributed to the Empathy Surplus Project goes to support his work in cognitive science.

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Book Review of the Social Conquest of Earth

Joe Brewer, founder and director, Cognitive Policy Works is the change strategist consultant to the Empathy Surplus Project. A portion of every dollar contributed to the Empathy Surplus Project goes to support his work in cognitive science.

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Pray for Josh Cluxton

HRLogoTextCMYK_0.jpgI call caring citizens everywhere to pray for Josh Cluxton. You may remember Josh as the young nurse who was seriously injured while heroically saving the life of Jonathan Ferrell, an accident victim on a slippery Tennessee highway. Pray for his doctors and other caregivers that they may discern and carry out the best course of treatment to restore this vibrant young man to health. Pray, also, the he will be led to an attorney who will have his human dignity at heart.
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Clinton County Conversation on Compassion and Human Rights

Thank You Clinton County Commissioners

As one of the co-founders of the Empathy Surplus Project, I want to thank the Clinton County Commissioners for receiving an in-person presentation and invitation to engage in a three gathering conversation with delegates of our emerging Caring Citizens' Congress on how to become a UN Global Compact County. Our first conversation on Wednesday, May 28, was productive. We will be requesting our next conversation be in late June or early July. All the commissioners were present as well as Mary Ann Foland, Clinton County Administrator.

From left to right next to me in the photo below, Miriam Speaight, delegate; Anita Dobrzelecki, co-founder and delegate; and Kathryn Palmer, delegate joined me. 


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We Support the UN Global Compact

Norman__OK_Reunion_Photo_-_Version_2.jpgGC_Endorser.jpgPress Release - May 2014

Chuck Watts, Rotarian since 1981, and a two-time Paul Harris Fellow, is the co-founder of the Empathy Surplus Project (ESP), accepted as a United Nations Global Compact participant on 03/21/2014. ESP is a start up non-profit and supports the ten  principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Click on logo for information.

Chuck is shown here with Ron Burton, Rotary International President, at the annual 2013 Rotary International / United Nations Day. 

Breakfast_on_RI_UN_Day_-_Version_2.jpgWatts and Rotarian Jason Hillard (in his trademark bow tie to the left) were introduced to the UN Global Compact while attending the 2013 Rotary International / United Nations Day last November. Watts hopes to speak to Rotary Clubs in Ohio about the Empathy Surplus Project partnership with the UN Global Compact and help clubs and Rotarians find ways to partner with the ESP. 

Jason is a member of the Springboro, OH, Rotary Club.

“In addition to advancing the ten principles within our spheres of influence,” said Watts, “ESP has also pledged to participate in and engage the UN Global Compact and occupy compassion in the following ways:

  • Screenshot_2014-04-30_17.25.15.jpgCharter Caring Citizens’ Congresses
  • Partner with Rotary International
  • Invite local businesses to join our Healthcare Is a Human Right Collaboration by promoting the Caring Citizen Freedom Survey on Healthcare and Human Rights 
  • Invite local businesses & cities to join the UN Global Compact.”

Please share this with a Rotarian in Ohio.

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