Framing Morality

Moral Politics: How Conservatives and Liberals Think

What follows is a one hour video of George Lakoff, cognitive scientist and linguist, UC Berkeley, CA, speaking at the Helen Edison Lecture Series at the University of California, San Diego in October 2005. At this time Dr. Lakoff was the senior and founding fellow of the Rockridge Institute. This was about the same time that Empathy Surplus Project co-founder, Chuck Watts, applied for and become a part of the advisory board of the Rockridge Nation, an on-line community of practice dedicated at learning how to apply the principles of this lecture. Joe Brewer, a fellow of the now closed Rockridge Institute, was in charge of Rockridge Nation. All the research developed by the Rockridge Institute is now archived at Brewer's Cognitive Policy Works.

The Empathy Surplus Project suggests the following segments of the video as appropriate content for a discussion by the delegates of a Caring Citizens' Congress:

  • 00:00 - 07:45 - Debt and Framing
  • 07:46 - 14:44 - Strict Fathers and Nurturing Parents
  • 14:45 - 25:11 - Conservative Morality: Strict Father
  • 25:12 - 31:09 - Progressive Morality: Nurturing Parents
  • 31:10 - 37:45 - Focus on Your Morality to Build Trust and Win
  • 37:46 - 49:05 - Let's Reverse Louis Powell's Empathy Deficit Plan
  • 49:06 - 58:30 - Framing Katrina: A Case Study

NOTE to Progressive members of all political parties. This video is three years prior to Lakoff's publication of The Political Mind where Lakoff identified the phenomenon of privateering and their accomplices inside government. Progressives are split between thinking only Democrats are progressives to those who embrace the concept of bi-conceptualism and acknowledge that we are all bi-conceptuals, i.e. both conservative and progressive. If you are a political party member that wants to strengthen your progressive ideas, the Empathy Surplus Project welcomes you and invites you to help us rid government, public and private, of unethical privateers and their accomplices.

George Lakoff: Moral Politics

Our Consultants and Advisors

Our founders are grateful for the work of George Lakoff and his friends to the art and science of applying the core American values of empathy and responsibility to self and others to public policy making. We are grateful that Dr. Lakoff is an advisor to our efforts and his colleague, Joe Brewer, is our consultant.

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