Framing the Environment

What follows are six short videos by cognitive scientist and linguist, George Lakoff, entitled Frameworks, Empathy, and Sustainability. These videos provide some context for the efforts caring citizens in their neighborhood congresses to change politics from winning and losing to governing. See Framing for Activists by George Lakoff.

Caring Citizen Delegates exercise four mutual responsibilities in their neighborhood Congress. Those responsibilities are:

  1. Inwardly digest the daily need for empathy and responsibility for self and others in public life “in order to form a more perfect Union.”
  2. Invest in peaceable public assemblies and weekly pledge “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” to strengthen our occupation of compassion and identify caring policy directions.
  3. Implement caring policy directions to fulfill our lives, secure our liberties and perfect our pursuit of happiness.
  4. Invite our neighbors and public officials to inward digestion, to peaceable assembly investment, and to implement compassion in their neighborhoods.

At Caring Citizens' Congresstional weekly gathering delegates spend some portion of their time discussing the latest insights of the brain. Much of the material we read and discuss is by Dr. Lakoff. The following videos are of Dr. Lakoff addressing caring citizens concerned about preserving the land, sky and water.

Video #1 – Overview Of The Mind - Why You Can't Be Rational Without Being Emotional.

George Lakoff pt1 of 6 - Frameworks, Empathy and Sustainability

Video #2 – Metaphors Structure Everything That You Learn

George Lakoff pt2 - Frameworks, Empathy and Sustainability

Video #3 – Morality Is About Well-Being

George Lakoff pt3 - Frameworks, Empathy and Sustainability

Video #4 – The Nation As Family Metaphor - The Market As A Moral System

George Lakoff pt4 - Frameworks, Empathy and Sustainability

Video #5 – Dangerous Fundamental Metaphors – Includes discussion of fungibility of money, Peter Barnes’ Capitalism 3.0, the physics of how brains change when new ideas are learned.

George Lakoff pt5 - Frameworks, Empathy and Sustainability

Video #6 – Your Brain Is Always Changing

George Lakoff pt6 - Frameworks, Empathy and Sustainability

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