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Freedom and Fairness for All Are the Strategic Reasons We Need More Empathy . . . and . . . your Monthly Freedom Investment!

th.jpg"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." (The last sentence of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776.)

You Can Pledge As Well.

We need each other to be free and healthy through respect, protection, and promotion of #HealthcareHumanRights. We need a #CaringEconomy filled with #EthicalBusiness to be free. To build an empathy surplus in our nation, we need to build an empathy surplus in our own spheres of influence. When you become a Monthly Freedom Investor you support:

  1.  The emerging federation of communities of practice called Caring Citizens' Congresses; and
  2. Our Fellowship program that began in the Summer of 2016 and helps college students inwardly digest the latest insights of the brain for building trust for effective government and integrate them with their field of study. We are currently funding fellowships at UC Berkeley, which will offer personal assistance to Dr. George Lakoff.

#CaringCitizens Flashcards

Every new Monthly Freedom Investor who gives a minimum of $10/mo will receive a set of the #CaringCitizens flashcards to help them inwardly digest and use the language of #CaringCitizenship. The same is true for each current Monthly Freedom Investor who increases their investment by $10/month. Mail-in Form Here.

An Investment in a Community of Practice Framing Infrastructure 

We are a 501(c)4 tax exempt organization of peacemaking member organizations called Caring Citizens' Congresses. Focused on a positive peace we practice framing "liberty and justice for all." Freedom is a basic human right and currently under threat by privateers and their accomplices inside government. 

Language and metaphors that Lakoff calls “frames” matter. In his book, Whose Freedom? — The Battle Over America’s Most Important Idea, George Lakoff talks about what’s at stake. Lakoff writes:

“At stake here is the deepest form of freedom — the freedom that comes from knowing your own mind. If you are unaware of your own deep frames and metaphors, then you are unaware of the basis for your moral and political choices. Moreover, your deep frames and metaphors define the range within  which your ‘free will’ operates. You can’t will something that is outside your capacity to imagine. Free will can operate only on ideas in your brain; it cannot operate on ideas you do not have.

“Free will is thus not totally free. It is radically constrained by the frames and metaphors shaping your brain and limiting how you see the world. Those frames and metaphors get there, to a remarkable extent, through repletion in the media.

“If it sounds a bit scary, it should. This is a scary time.

“Cognitive science, by making us at least aware of alternative frames and metaphors, acts in the service of extending the range of free will.

“My task in this book,” writes Lakoff, “is to open up a discussion of these two of freedom, to describe them as accurately as possible, and to discuss how to take back the progressive view of freedom that lies at the heart of our democracy — and to do so honestly, using framings, both deep and surface, that we really believe and that reveal the truth about our social, economic, and political realities.

2017 Human Rights Fellow Sought

Your Monthly Freedom Investments paid for our first fellow, Jonathan Berchtold, this past Summer. Jonathan's task was to migrate our website from one platform to another AND to join the First Caring Citizens' Congress of Wilmington, OH, each week and participate as he wished. 

We are very proud of Jonathan, and he ended up joining the congress at the end of his fellowship. Jonathan's peaceable assembly site is the Clermont County Public Library, Union Township, 4450 Glen Este - Withamsville Road, Cincinnati, OH 45245. 

Click here also to download the prospectus describing the Human Rights fellow we're seeking. This particular fellow, we hope, can be recruited from the Human Rights Center, UC Berkeley, to assist Dr. George Lakoff in any work he might need, as well as join the First Caring Citizens' Congress of Wilmington, OH, each week and participate as s/he wishes. Will the next Caring Citizens' Congress be?

IMG_3138.JPGFounders' Freedom Is Human Freedom

Pictured to the right is Kathryn Palmer, a direct descendant of John Hart, New Jersey delegate and signer of the declaration. Kathryn is a caring citizen delegate to the First Caring Citizens' Congress of Wilmington, Ohio, and a monthly freedom investor. 

Become a Monthly Freedom Investor. #GoEmpathySurplus

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