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Joe Brewer, a colleague of George Lakoff, is Co-Founder of Culture2Inc, a Change Strategist for The Rules, and is a paid consultant to the Empathy Surplus Project. A portion of every dollar goes to Joe and his work to help us apply the latest insights of the brain to expand our individual freedoms. We hope you will join us.

Chuck Watts, co-founder, first met Joe in 2005 through George Lakoff's Rockridge Institute. Joe was in charge of Rockridge Nation, an on-line community, seeking to help participants inwardly digest RI's work. Chuck served on the Rockridge Nation advisory council with Joe. When Rockridge Institute closed in 2008, Joe founded Cognitive Policy Works, where all of RI writings were archived. Also in that year he wrote Celebration of Devotion, that helped frame the transformation of the gay marriage debate.

Please click on Joe's name or picture for a full self-introduction by Joe at his Slide Share account.

Empathy Surplus Project Commissioned White Papers

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Ohioans for an American Healthcare Plan - 08/27/2009

Ethical Business In Your Town - 09/08/2009

Building Trust for Effective Governance - 10/12/2009 - This strategy brief helped form the creation of the Empathy Surplus Project.

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A Video Introduction of What Joe Does

Shuttleworth Fellows Video Submission -- Joe Brewer