Clean Elections

The Clean Election Idea Is Simple - Focus on Compassion & Human Rights


If elected representatives do not serve the people who elect them, then the people are not free, safe, or protected from harm by their government and could get sick or injured and be denied care, suffer, become financially ruined, or die. So part of healthcare as a human right is a government that focuses on compassion and human rights versus corporate rights, leading to freedom and fairness for all.

Clean elections are a public trust dependent on a caring society. The process of how to offer one's self for public office should be transparent and financed by the common wealth for the common good, i.e. clean elections.

Privateers are the biggest threat to our democractic republic and clean elections. Privateering undermines ALL public trust and makes elections dirty. How do caring citizens combat privateering? We can start in our own political parties by understanding the components of privateering and seeking to eliminate privateering at the bottom of the governing process. This is a generational effort worthy of caring citizenship.

How Do Caring Citizens Occupy Compassion and End Privateering In Their Neighborhoods And Political Parties?

In Ohio, by statute, every two or four years (depending on the county party constitution) each precinct elects a person to represent the party members residing in that precinct in the county political party central committee. Likewise, by statute, every four years each state senate district elects one male and one female to represent the party members residing in that senate district to the state political party central committee.

Each county political party is required to file a copy of their current constitution and bylaws at their local board of elections and is available upon request. There are about 10,000 precincts in the state, and 33 senate districts in the state. You can do the math. These positions go unfilled quite often because most people don't know they exist. They are the foundation of American governance in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson's idea of "ward republics."

Clean Elections Stop Privateering Central Committees

TRANSFERRED FUNCTIONS are one of the five components of privateering. The critical function of elected central committees is to protect and expand our 1st Amendment freedoms to freedom of speech in neighborhoods, freedom to peaceable assembly and freedom to petition government through our political parties. However, the current Ohio Revised Code requires the central committee to disenfranchise itself to an appointed body run from the top versus the People from their precincts. Here's how.

imgres-4.jpegimgres-5.jpeg(The Original Smiley Face below represents the duly elected party representative. The Winking Smiley Face below represents the at-large party representatives who are appointed by an elected executive chair person.)

Under current Ohio revised code the elected party representative to the county or state party must meet within 30 days of the party primary in even years and dilute their own precinct or senate district representation power by shifting power to an "executive committee chairperson."

This is done in a three part process at the first meeting after the party primary:

  1. Elected representatives meet as the newly elected central committee and elect from their own four officers: central committee chairperson CCC, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.
  2. The first order of business for the newly elected central committee chairperson of the county or the state after electing its officers is to entertain a motion to disband and elect itself the executive committee. This executive committee elects from their own four officers: chairperson ECC, vice-chairperson, secretary, and treasurer.
  3. The newly elected chairperson appoints a number of at-large members equal to an equal number of elected representatives less one, subject to the confirmation of the executive committee. This has the effect of disenfranchising the voters's elected representatives. 
  4. The way to stop privateering the parties is for elected central committee members to vote against disbanding. Let's stop electing privateer accomplices.


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