Ten I's of Effective Collaboration

Rosabeth Moss Kanter developed the Ten I's and our board consultant, Ann Charles Watts, brought them to our attention.

Effective government of the people, by the people, for the people expands life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness of its residents. It's effectiveness lies in the effectiveness of the people to collaborate. The neighborhood Caring Citizens' Congress is meant to be a community of practice at collaboration in a setting of neighbors of various political party affiliation.

Individual Excellence

What are the competencies of the members? 

Importance of Shared Vision

Has the collaborative collectively created an inspirational picture of the future?


Have the members assessed their skills and resources and determined they’re complementary?


Are members engaged with the constituents, informed about the needs of the community, and involved in key issues?


Is the collaborative membership culturally diverse? Is diversity identified, acknowledged and valued?


Is there commitment, pooled resources, shared responsibility, and shared liability among the members?


Is there openness to sharing ideas and information among the members? Are there adequate and appropriate mechanisms for communication?


Has the collaborative developed and used a flexible structure and/or linkage across members?


Do the members of the collaborative share trust, honest and authentic relationships?


Does the collaboration have formal status, legal agreements, memoranda of agreement or other written documentation detailing mission, roles, responsibilities, understandings, etc.?

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